A Songwriting Process

Because a number of people have asked me about the process I go through to write a song, I figured I would create an “audio documentary” about the experience I went through to write the song, “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”. I lay it all out there, letting you hear my raw audio recordings I made while driving my car, to ideas on the piano in my home, all the way through to the end of the process.

It may not interest you at all, and that’s fine. Everyone has their interests. However, if you like to write songs you might really enjoy this. I’d love for you to listen to this audio (45 minutes, sheesh!) and then reach out to me. Let’s talk songwriting! I would love to hear about your process and your story as a songwriter.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “A Songwriting Process: She Makes My Heart Come Alive”

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