You Are King

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Jesus encouraged his disciples to pray to the Father for his kingdom to come and his will be done. I wonder if it registered in the minds of his disciples that he was talking about them, that they would be the ones that would actually bring the kingdom into the world. Jesus followers have been doing this great work since the beginning of the church, spreading the good news of the kingdom of God.

The good news of God: Jesus came to earth, he died to save all mankind from our sin, he was buried, and then he rose from the dead and now reigns at the right hand of the living God. It’s great news because Jesus has overcome death for us and now we can join him in his resurrection and live! We can take on his powerful name as our own and enter into his new kingdom where love and peace are overflowing.

This song is a prayer to our powerful God, affirming our work with him to spread his kingdom message and proclaiming his kingship throughout the world.

You Are King

We will tell of the glory of your kingdom
We will tell of the power of your throne
So that all men will learn of your splendor
And your kingdom will become known

We will tell how you are faithful to your promises
And loving to all you have made
How you lift up those who have fallen
And those who call on your name

Your name, there’s something about your name
Your name, your awesome and glorious name

Let Your kingdom come
Let your will be done
Let every creature praise your name
Show your majesty
For the world to see
How gracious and rich with love you are
Oh, you are king

We will tell your story of redemption
How you triumphed over the grave
May the whole world hear of your presence
As we shout and praise your holy name

Your name, there’s something about your name
Your name, your awesome and powerful name


You are king of the hopeless
And king of the weak
You are king of salvation
You set us free
You’re king of our mountains
And king of our storms
You’re king of our soldiers
And all of our wars
You’re king of all nations
And king of all lands
You’re king of life
You are king of all men
You’re king of the heavens
Of all the unfurled
You’re king of your creation
And king of your world


Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2014 Langdon

You Are King – lead sheet