Praise To You

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Who can count the mighty works of the Lord? It is like trying to count the stars in the milky way, or the sand on all of our shores. It’s impossible! There is nothing that compares to the awesome power of God. He can do all things; nothing is impossible for him. That’s why it amazes me so much that he loves us like he does. We who are so small, so powerless, so weak, so selfish, so unworthy of his presence. Yet he loves us anyway. Our maker, the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in it, he loves us. And to prove his unfailing love he sent his son Jesus into the world to purify us and make us holy so we can live in his presence now and forever. That is a great and mighty work of God! What can compare to his love for us? Who can truly comprehend such love? May you always find comfort in knowing that the most powerful being in existence loves you like no other being. And may you always turn over your heart to him in worship. He certainly deserves all of our praise.

Praise To You

You have saved us from our sin
You will be faithful to the end
You have renewed us by your love, O God
Your grace is all I need
Your mercy cares for me
Your love has set me free, O God

Praise to you God for all that you have done
Praise to you God for giving up your son
Praise to you for all the wonders you will do
Praise to you

You are righteous and you’re true
There is no one else like you
You ride upon the clouds in majesty
Let your teaching fall like rain
Until all the earth proclaims
Your greatness and your holy name

You’re amazing
You are holy God
Let your glory fill the earth

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2011 Langdon

Praise To You – lead sheet