New Jersey Home – Music Video

Venture back into my childhood with me and remember the feeling of playing outside on the swing set, soaking up the sun at the New Jersey Shore, and relaxing at night under the moonlit sky with family and music-filled peace.

“New Jersey Home – Official Video” by Lee Langdon

This music video was made from a collection of 8mm family films of when I was very young, when our family lived in Country Lakes, New Jersey, not too many miles west on Route 70 from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. In this video you see our family home in Country Lakes, both sets of my grandparents and their homes in Pennsylvania (Philly area) and Maryland (Chesapeake Bay area), as well as a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our family later moved to Tabernacle, New Jersey, and I spent all of my school-age years living there and making memories. Life was good in New Jersey.

It’s funny, many of the songs I write are about real life that I’ve lived through. It’s wonderful for me to connect real life video footage to my lyrics, helping to paint the realistic picture of what life was and is truly like.

Listen to Lee’s love song about his wife!

I wonder what footage you could include if this song was written from your own childhood memories?! We all have them, for good or for bad. I wish we would all create videos like this one, like bookmarks in the chapters of our lives, to help us remember the good times that were full of love and laughter when we were kids.

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