My Baby Girl

Makenna baby pic

The day our daughter was born I left my wife sleeping soundly in the hospital at the care of our wonderful nurses. I picked up our three little boys from their long day of playing with one of our dear adult friends. I took them home so they could get a good night sleep in their beds. After I had done my daddy time and they were all tucked in and sleeping, I slipped downstairs to our piano to wind down a bit on my own.

Now, I should say this before I tell more of the story: having a girl was absolutely amazing to me. We knew “she” was coming, but it was hard to believe to the very end that we were actually going to have a girl. I grew up in a three-boy household, and we already had three boys in our young household. We kind of figured deciding to have a fourth child was actually deciding to have another boy. But God in his wisdom had a different plan for us, and when she was born…I instantly melted. I couldn’t stop the tears. A girl!

When I saw her for the first time my heart filled with a huge range of emotions. As I touched her little fingers and toes my mind instantly started to fast-forward dream about her life. Visions of her going to school in pigtails quickly turned into visions of her packing for college. And of course I already started thinking about how difficult the day will be when I have to hand her over to some unworthy little pipsqueak twenty-something year old boy. I know, how sad. Out she comes and I’m already marrying her off! But I couldn’t help it. She was my precious little baby girl and I couldn’t help but dream about her life.

So…I sat down at the piano to wind down, and no lie, this song just pours out. Songwriting is funny. Sometimes songs take months to write, even years when you get stumped on something. But then other times, songs just pour out of your heart, like you are pouring out a glass of water. I think God gave us this song as a birthday gift. I see it kind of like a keepsake shadow box of the visions I had that day for my precious brand new little baby girl.

And now, after elven years, she is everything this daddy could have dreamed for…and so much more. I am so proud of our beautiful Makenna. I just wish she could stop growing so quickly! Nevertheless, some things will never change with age…she will always be my baby girl.

(I recorded this song at my best friend’s house. His refurbished upright piano had just recently been returned to his house and I asked him if I could use it. I placed my Dell laptop on a chair, plugged in my cheap Gateway computer microphone and recorded using the sound recorder on my laptop. Lame I know, but it’s all I had. You will notice that the “bridge” isn’t recorded on this recording. That’s because I wrote it a few years later after I received some feedback from another songwriter. He encouraged me to write a bridge, and no lie…one just poured out. Maybe someday I’ll record the song with the bridge; it’s actually pretty cool and ties everything together nicely. I know it’s a long song. Hang in there, you don’t want to miss the last verse. And Dads…it’s okay to cry. I understand. Seriously. Just let it out.)

My Baby Girl

Just a baby wrapped in a blanket
Brand new to this crazy world
Sleeping so peaceful wrapped in her blanket
Oh what a beautiful girl

I knew that I loved you
The first time I saw you
I never thought that something so small
Could steal my heart away at all
Oh baby, you’ll always be my baby girl

Just a baby all dressed up for school
With pigtails and curls held up in bows
We pray together before she leaves for school
And I tell her again before she goes

Just a baby packing her suitcase
It’s time to go explore the world alone
I help my baby put clothes in her suitcase
And the words I feel just come out on their own

[How quickly the time goes by
Is there any way to slow it down
I’m so proud of you my baby girl
You bring so much joy to me
I just wish I had more time]

Now my baby is walking beside me
Slowly down the aisle in my arm
This is my moment to give her away
But tears come rushing down when I hear her say
You knew that you loved me
The first time you saw me
You never thought that something so small
Could steal your heart away at all
Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy,
I’ll always be your baby girl.

I never thought that something so small
Could steal my heart away at all
Oh baby, you’ll always be my baby girl

Words and Music by Lee Langdon
© 2004 Lee Langdon

My Baby Girl – lead sheet