Letters To My Students – 2

NUMBER TWO: Preserve Your Witness

Dear Students,
We must be careful. I am talking about being careful about preserving our witness, our testimony for Jesus to the world. You see, when we are not careful we can easily embrace certain things in this world and think they are good, when they are not good, and these things will dilute our message of true love. And God will help us understand these things more and more. Remember, God is holy and longs for you to be like him.
For example, be careful what music lyrics you listen to. Don’t be foolish and think they have no influence on you. If they had no influence on you or anyone else, there would be no musical lyrics to listen to! Every song has a message and you need to clue in to what those messages are and decide if they are good for you or not good for you, if they inspire holiness or unholiness. “So, should we never listen to music? Wouldn’t that be the best way to deal with music, to not listen at all?” No, listen and enjoy music! Just be aware of what you are allowing to influence you. Read the lyrics and pay attention. Not all lyrics are good for you to digest, especially over and over again. Lyrics should build you up and encourage you to be more of what Jesus wants you to be, not tear you down and lead you into evil ways. Lyrics that inspire you to be angry, to dream about sex or adultery, to foolishly not think before you act, to drink illegally and do other illegal things, such lyrics do not inspire love and holiness. As children of God, honor God with the music you listen to.
And to those of you who perform music, make sure the lyrics you are singing bring glory and honor to God and not to the evil in this world. Sure, sing about relationships, sing about love and things in this beautiful world we live in, but make sure they honor God and bring people along to knowing him more. Let your testimony for Jesus Christ be always at the forefront of your mind, flowing through the words that you use. Even when you don’t mention his name, pure love should still be pouring out of your words. Use your mind to discern what is truly good music, and what music is good for you to listen to and perform.
I know you know many of these things already. You are wonderful students, blessed with peace and love in Jesus. Please read these words as reminders and encouragement, not with offense. More to come.