Letters To My Students – 3

NUMBER THREE: Be Careful With Sex

Dear Students,
I know you see sex everywhere in our culture. It seems like it’s everywhere you look! But children of God, stay pure. Reserve sex for marriage, for the person you will be with for the rest of your life, with whom sex will be special forever. I know many of your friends are already having sex and doing other things against God’s will. But don’t you know they are searching for something? Looking for fulfillment in something beyond what is good and pure. Remember how much God loves you and desires good for you. When you have sex outside of marriage many things can result that are not what you truly want for yourselves: psychological issues, physical issues, and even undesired pregnancy. And those are just a few things! Don’t seek fulfillment by chasing after such things. God longs to fill you with his love. He longs to be what you are searching for.
And he is so much more than dating relationships that come to an abrupt end, physical relationships that leave you feeling empty, undesirable, and used. God longs to fill you with his spirit and joy, and desires you to be fully his, and he never will stop desiring you. And he’s not using you, he’s asking you to join him and his mission to bring his good news to the world, good news that is so much better than anything that doesn’t last. Sexual feelings and situations are like hunger that is never satisfied. But God satisfies. When you seek after him, dive into his word and live for his purposes, and love others like he does, he satisfies like nothing else in this world.
Sure, that’s not easy. We are talking about commitment, and discipline. But you already know about those things since you have already committed your life to Jesus. You know about commitment. You know about discipline. Think of all of the areas in your life where you show commitment and discipline: School work, athletics, music rehearsals, dance, video games, and even in friendship. Don’t sell yourself short! You know how to be committed to things and work hard. And that’s all God desires, is for you to commit to him, living and working in his kingdom. That’s why Paul calls us slaves to Christ, because we are now the workers in God’s kingdom for his mission, and that work takes commitment and discipline. And the beautiful thing is, he is always there with you. He will never ask you to do something and then make you do it on your own. He will always help you. His spirit will always help you along, giving you confidence as you move forward, giving you thoughts and encouragement, giving you strength physically and emotionally, when you lean into him. God will truly supply all of your needs.
In a culture where sex seems like it’s all around us and in everything we see and do, remember who you are: children of God. Remember that honoring God means keeping yourself pure and staying out of relationships that lead into sexually immoral things. Honoring God means saving sex, and all the wonderful and beautiful things that go with it, for your faithful and lifelong marriage with that one special person “until death do us part”. So be very careful when you date. Be very careful about the situations you put yourself in when you were on dates. Choose wisely. Seek advice from experienced believing adults about how to date well. Sure, it was a different time in our culture when they dated other people, but they were once your age. They understand the feelings you have and the challenges to stay pure. Trust your church family for guidance. We are all in this together.
And hey, I know some of you have already done sexual things you regret. Trust me, you aren’t the first one to give into sexual temptations. But today is a new day, and you are a new creation, even today! You may feel like you have been stained forever, but God removes stains completely. He is the toughest bleach, lifting out the toughest ink blots and coffee stains we can imagine! Think about it, don’t you forgive others when they hurt you? I know you do. Then allow God to forgive you. And forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to accept God’s passionate love and forgiveness for you. It’s real and it’s true. Remember what Jesus said to the lady who was caught in sexual adulterous sin? “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” So, stand confident again knowing that Jesus isn’t pointing his finger at you condemning you in judgement. He is simply joyful when you believe in his love and encourages you to stop the sexual sinfulness. Be pure starting now. Make today your new beginning, a new start of a new life of purity with Jesus. Start making better choices today that honor God since you truly are his special possession.
I love you all. More soon.