Letters To My Students – 1

NUMBER ONE: Identity In God

Dear Students,
Remember your identity in God. Just like Peter said, you are his special possession, his holy people, his royal family. He has made a way for you to live with him now and forever as his pure children, all of this made possible through Jesus Christ. And that is what you are, you are his children, just like I am. We are all in this together, this wonderful life with our holy God. This fellowship we share with each other, this family life that we share, it is a place of safety and confidence. Our family is a place of love and acceptance, unlike any other place in this world. Are we perfect? No, of course not, only God himself is perfect, though we have been made perfectly righteous through Jesus Christ by his will. No, our actions are not perfect. We don’t always love one another as we should. Why? Because we continue to struggle with sin, we continue to struggle with how to love each other in every moment, how to make everyone feel accepted and a part of this family. Our wrestling with sin and evil will be a tension we will live with until we die and leave this earth. It’s just a part of life. But we can know and always remember that Jesus has overcome our sin: our sin from yesterday, and today, and our future sin. We didn’t earn any of that justification and forgiveness, but we can enjoy the peace and serenity and love that flows freely within our fellowship with God. You see, when we heard the message of Jesus and believed in him, and submitted to him through baptism, we entered into a new life of freedom from sin, a new life where we have the blessing of forgiveness, and peace, and his beautiful Holy Spirit that continues to purify us and lead us into God’s will. Does this mean it doesn’t matter how we live or what we do since it’s all forgiven anyway? No way! We need to honor God and live a life that brings glory to him and furthers his kingdom work. He has done all of these things: created this fellowship, gave us freedom from sin, and gave us the important task to love one another, all because of his great love for us and his desire for us to thrive in this world. So let’s enjoy this family that we have! Let’s enjoy the peace in God that we now have! Let’s work hard, harder than we ever have, to love each other deeply as God, our Father desires of his family. How lucky we are to be called children of God! Let this truth bring confidence in every step you take as you walk with him.
I’ll write to you more, soon. I send peace and love to you all.