Letters To My Students – 4

NUMBER FOUR: Being Frustrated With Church

Dear Students,
Let’s talk about being frustrated with the church. The organizational structures we have put in place in the church, as the large Kingdom of God and as a congregation, are there because we need some sort of organization to be productive. I don’t think any congregation of the Lord’s people would say they have a perfect system in place. We strive to do the best we can, but we will never do everything perfectly right.
I’m sure you’ll get frustrated at times with the church. You won’t like something we are doing, or the way we are doing it, or who is selected to do it, or how much something costs to do something, or we aren’t doing something you think we should be doing, or whatever. There’s always something being done in the church that isn’t being done the way you would probably do it. But, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the church! Giving up on the church and assuming you can do it all a better way kind of implies some arrogance and pride that maybe needs to be reconsidered, even though you might even be correct. Humility and patience can go a long way when trying to influence others to see a possible and better way. Remember how patient the Lord is with you and offer that same patience to others.
Now, there may be times in your life within the church when there are things being done that you believe are sinful. This is different. This is when you need to step in, with respect, talk to the leaders and discuss why you believe it is sinful. We need to steer away from things that are not God’s will and sometimes we need people like you to help us see those things. Be confident when sharing your views with church leaders, and be full of love and mercy. Even in these difficult situations we need to be patient and full of grace with those who are in the wrong. And remember to always trust the Lord. He will see the church through even the most difficult and heinous things, you can bank on that.
But when it’s a matter of preference, hang in there. Be a part of what’s going on and do the best you can with the kingdom role you have. Serve others in every situation you are in as if you are serving the Lord, because you are serving him! Discouragement may come, but be encouraged with the bigger picture, that we are the Lord’s people, his chosen possession, his children, and he is proud of us as we continue to spread his amazing news of salvation and passionate love for the world. Sure, we can do better, and we need to keep trying to do better, and we will always need your help to keep this work going. You may be called into a leadership position someday, so get yourself ready now and start thinking in ways that benefit the church, keeping that bigger kingdom picture in mind. Never give up on the Lord and his people, and the work we are called to do for our King. Keep going!
More soon. Peace to you today.