Letters To My Students – 5

NUMBER FIVE: When Curious About The Darkness

Dear Students,
Have you ever heard the expression, “curiosity killed the cat”? Let me tell you a story. The other day Aime and I watched our cat named Socks take a dangerous leap from the top of our dresser to the top of our craft cabinet. Even though I didn’t think she would die, I certainly was concerned about her welfare, that she might fall far from the top of that cabinet. It was her curiosity that led her into danger. Guys, we have to be careful with our curiosity, especially on the Internet. It’s easy to make one click out of curiosity into danger. But I know I don’t have to convince you of this, because you already know this to be true. As believers, as children of God, (and really everyone in the world should consider this for their well-being) we have to be very careful to not go down roads that lead to our destruction emotionally and spiritually. If I’m walking down the street and I pass a dark alley and I peer into the alley, my curiosity may push me to walk down that dark alley just to see what’s down there. The potential of danger in those dark alleys is a concern for good reason. Guys, it’s the same on the Internet. We can be surfing online, and without even trying we surf up to a dark alley of information, and out of curiosity peer into that dark alley. It could be pornography, it could be gossip news, it could be a funny video, it could be many things that look like you could just go in there and look around and not be hurt, but then you do get hurt when you go down the road. Your wisdom has to trump your curiosity.
I understand this because I’m not immune to this. I’ve peered down too many alleys in my lifetime, followed my curious heart into danger too many times, and have been bitten by the sting of pain too many times. No doubt, we’re gonna fall prey to her own curiosity at times. But if we never think about this idea, if we never think about the dangers lurking around the mysterious corners that our own curiosity leads us into, if we never consider the real hazardous implications and possible results of following that curiosity, then we will struggle to listen to our own wisdom when we really need to, when it might be a matter of life or death, and I mean emotionally and spiritually.
Just please be careful guys. Stay aware. There is so much at your fingertips, more than any other generation has experienced. You have to learn how to navigate this world and show generations behind you that you can do it well. And you can do it, but it will take you being sensitive to what is good and what is evil. It will take you choosing to do what is right on a consistent basis, many times ignoring your own curiosity. Please be careful guys. Remember, God is with you and is helping you everyday, in every hour, in every minute, in every second. Don’t be discouraged when you mess up, just get up and try again. God always loves you. And I love you too.
More later.