I’m Turning Six Today

Britt in kindergarten

Brittain, my oldest son, has a May birthday. When he was in kindergarten he turned six at the end of the school year, just like he would turn a year older in school every year. But for some reason we thought this was a huge transition year for him…well, at least I did. Maybe because of how hard kindergarten was for me, I don’t know. You know how we parents do, we drag our past garbage out and try to cram it into our kids’ lives, when we can. Hey, we were new parents. We learned everything through him, going through things for the first time at every turn. We still do!

I remember writing this song as his sixth birthday approached considering how Britt had always been a deep thinker. You could see in his eyes when he would focus hard on something and leave us for a moment, working something out in his head. He was an old soul. You know, it was just the three of us (Mom, Dad, Britt) and he kinda thought he was our equal, kind of an adult. He didn’t know any better. I remember wondering about what this old soul boy could be thinking about so hard as he approached this “monumental” sixth birthday, before he (literally) graduated from kindergarten.

My son is sixteen years old today, approaching seventeen. He’s a strong, smart, devoted child who continues to grow everyday in his faith and manhood. I love his drive for the things he loves in life. There will be a day when some lucky girl catches his eye. He will be the man she needs him to be, I know it. He will love her and be faithful till the end. I’m proud of his commitment to be a man of God. He serves him hard and “gets after it” when he is on task. Just like that little boy who would focus for hours on lining up his Hot-wheels cars just right, all throughout the house.

Aime and I are very proud of our Brittain. I believe God is too.

I’m Turning Six Today

There are things in life that come and go
That change as the winds blow by
They are sweet like pie
They are candy to the eye of a child
It’s that time in my life that has come to pass
Like a car on the highway
Or a bright sunny day
A right of passage to be on my way
Change is difficult for many
But for me it’s a thrill
To be right here, where I am right now

I’m turning six today
I’ve been five for a while
‘Been waiting for this day for so long
I’m turning six today
I’m ready to move on
From this kindergarten class I’ve loved
It was a great time of my life
One I’ll never regret
I’m turning six today
Yeah, today

My teacher kissed my on my cheek today
I turned red as an apple
And then she cried
And told me it’s so hard to say goodbye
She’ll never know how the love she showed me
Made a difference in my heart
She’s like a nice warm fire
A pretty lady, oh that I’ll always admire
Goodbye, goodbye
I’m ready to say hello
Hello, hello, hello

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2004 Langdon

I’m Turning Six Today – lead sheet