I’ll Wait

I'll Wait - watch pic

Waiting is hard, especially when you are in the middle of a difficult life event and you need relief. The craziness of everyday becomes overwhelming. The questions about the future haunt every minute. Decisions become difficult to make even in minor daily tasks. You feel weighed down, confused, frustrated, probably on the cuff of giving up many times.

But don’t give up! Remember Jesus-follower, the Lord is with you. Truly. Even when you pray with no immediate results, he is there and his is caring for you. Relief will come. You will feel the sun shine again on your life. He will give you fresh air to breathe once more. You will understand why the pain was necessary at some point. Just wait, you will see.

Then we think, “If only knowing the future were possible!” Well, actually, we do know some things about the future, like physical death will come at some point to you no matter how much we resist. I know: “Lovely Lee, thanks for bringing death into this.”

But here’s the deal: you can have peace even in times of struggle and heartache because of what you know. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we can not see.” (Hebrews 1:1) Yes, I said it. Our faith can be so sure that we “know” it, that we are certain of it so much that we are willing to restructure our lives to live in the shadow of that which we believe is truth. This is what the people of the Old Testament were commended for, people who walked with such faith that they lived as if what they believe was actually the truth of God. And they were right!

When we live with that kind of faith, we can wait on God in tough times. We can abide in hope even when we feel destitute and confused. God sees the big picture. He understands it ALL! We can trust him! Just let him be God and you be faithful to him, knowing that he is there, knowing that he has you in his care and loves you forever.

(This song I’ll Wait was written in a “wilderness time” for me, a time when I was totally confused about the situation I was in and pleaded to God for relief. The actual recording is funny, totally casual with even some chuckles at the end. Don’t expect perfection. My friend Jeff Hartzel and I played music together in a coffee shop a number of times and this recording was made during one of our rehearsals on my first brand new iPhone 3G, ironically since the song mentions my Razor phone! Jeff sings harmony, plays the mandolin, and keeps the beat. I miss playing with Jeff. He is a brother in Christ, a true servant heart and kindred spirit.)

I’ll Wait

A snowstorm on the TV set
Static on my razor phone
Been kicked offline too many times to count
Sent a text to pass the time
No way out and not way in
Nothing stops the steady spin

What will today be like tomorrow?
Only the future knows the past
This smelly mess could be gone forever, and ever
But forever and ever and ever it could last
I want to know what’s goin’ on
But I just gotta keep holdin’ on

I never want to get ahead of your perfect plan for me
I always want to keep my focus on the cross, and not my losses
You’re the only one who really knows what tomorrow holds for me
So I’ll wait
Oh I’ll wait
I’ll wait for you

Dancin’ with my own perplexity
I’m trippin’ on my two left feet
Not sure what move to make in synchrony
With the One who made me me
Please lift me up with your assurance
I’ll just trust in your understanding


Flyin’ on the wings of love yeah
I’m lookin’ past the nimbus clouds
Blue skies are smiling at me now
I can feel the warmth of the light


Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2008 Langdon

I’ll Wait – lead sheet