Heaven Is Yours


There is a true and real reason for you to have hope today. The Eternal King who has all authority in Heaven and on earth longs for you to be in relationship with him. You actually can live confidently every day knowing he loves you and desires your heart to be devoted to him. There is rest in the certain beautiful peace knowing that the King of all kings has you safe and secure in his arms.

Relationship with him doesn’t mean you will never face adversity or hardship; to the contrary, you will surely know adversity and hardship in this life. But his promise to you is eternal, a promise of love that will last way beyond our lifetimes…it just begins now. Heaven has come down to earth. The eternal life has appeared to us in human form. His name is Jesus. Just believe in him and trust him. He didn’t come to condemn us, but to save us.

We are talking about faith. To believe in him is putting your faith in someone we can’t see. I get that. Our world calls us stupid for it, it always has. This is not new to our generation or the next generation. The world around us has always called believers fools for believing in God. But the call remains, and it will always remain: Believe in Jesus. He offers the power of heaven to you, the Spirit of the living God to live in you…just believe it with the billions of others who believe in him. It’s the truth of God, who is the source of all truth.

(This song was written between November 5th and November 6th of 2015. The iPhone recording is me, sitting in my living room, playing my guitar with my fingers and singing the lyrics. I capo on the second fret and play in G.)

Heaven Is Yours

Child, I know you’re tired
From your heavy load
Come with me and rest
Come sit beside the road
Set down your burden
Drink from the well
Let go of your worries
Let go of yourself

When you believe in me
Heaven is yours
When you believe in me
You can feel secure
There no force in all the earth that can overcome my love
When you believe in me
Heaven is yours

I will not condemn you
When you come to me
I am here to help you
When you call on me
I will not leave you
When you feel ashamed
Trust in my mercy
Trust in my grace

The power of heaven
The Spirit of God
His kingdom eternal
His everlasting love
It’s all for the taking
I’ll give it to you
Forever and ever
Forever and ever

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
Copyright © 2015 Langdon

Heaven Is Yours – lyric sheet