Hayden & Yellow Bear (Hayden’s Song)


Hayden loved Bear from the first time he picked him up and held him tightly. Bear was soft and easy for him to hold onto. It didn’t take long for their relationship to become inseparable. Everywhere Hayden went, there was Bear. At the breakfast table, Bear was there. Outside playing on the slide, Bear was there. Laying down for a nap, Bear was there too. You could tell that Bear loved Hayden because he was so patient with Hayden, always willing to just hang around and never complain, in every situation. He even let Hayden chew on his ear, whenever Hayden wanted.

Sometimes Bear liked to play hide and seek, and he was a good hider. We would all look for Bear: Mom and Dad, and Hayden’s older brothers. We would search under every toy in every room of the house, under every blade of grass in the backyard, under every seat in the car. Hayden would cry and cry and cry, until finally, after we were completely exhausted and stressed out, we would find Bear…somewhere.

The days of their inseparable relationship did eventually come to an end, but Bear still holds a very special place in Hayden’s heart. Bear’s ear is totally chewed off, he is worn rough from going through the washer a billion times, he has a very weak neck that can’t hold his head up at all anymore, and he has a few scars from various battles with kids and animals. But those things don’t matter when you love someone. All of the scars in the world wouldn’t keep Bear out of Hayden’s heart.

Hayden turns thirteen today. Our boy has now entered his teenage years, officially. We are so proud of who he is today. He loves God and has devoted his life to Jesus, he is always thinking, he is an aspiring “inventor/engineer”, he loves to play the viola and is actually getting quite good at it, he is driven, he is a faithful friend, and he is wonderfully caring. I could go on and on.

We love you Hayden. You make us very proud, and I know Jesus is proud of you too.

(I think I wrote this song when Hayden was two years old, which would be somewhere in the year 2004. I’ve played this song, literally a hundred times, and it seems never the same way twice. It was meant to be a song I played by Hayden’s beside to help him drift off to sleep, something I did for our kiddos many times when they were little. Although, often Hayden would still be awake on the last verse because he would get a little mad when he was caught sneaking cookies…he loved cookies.
In honor of his 13th birthday today, this morning I laid my iPhone down and recorded Hayden’s song, in spite of it being high allergy season. This is the first “public” play of this song, due to the fact that Hayden always gets embarrassed when he is in the spotlight and has typically resisted me playing it for others. I hope this song makes you smile today.)

Hayden & Yellow Bear

Hayden and his Yellow Bear
They go together everywhere
Off to school or out to play
They stick together everyday

In the morning, rain or shine
Bear and Hayden are ready to dine
A glass of milk and a bowl of cereal
Gets them ready for the first big thrill of the day
Watchin’ their favorite TV show
With imaginations aglow
There’s so much more they need to explore
So on their feet and soon they’re out the door

When it’s sunny and warm outside
Bear and Hayden go down the slide
Then they climb the rope to the top of the tower
Before you know it they’re slidin’ back down to the ground
Where they start diggin’ a hole
And dig and dig and dig until they are told
It’s time to come in before your lunch get’s cold
It’s just a great day to play with the sun so golden

At two o’clock in the afternoon
It’s time for a nap in their bedroom
So the shades are pulled and the lights are turned out
They snuggle in and begin to dream of a
Fire-breathin’ dragon coming’ after them
They bravely pull they’re swords and do him in
Just in time to save the princess, and then
They wake up and slay that dragon all over again

When it’s time to go to bed
They stay awake till their eyes are red
Then they tippy-toe right down the stairs
And when they think that no one’s aware
They sneak a cookie out of the jar
And maybe nibble on a candy bar
But mom and dad see who they are
And those two, they don’t get very far…aw man

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2004 Langdon

Hayden & Yellow Bear

(Hayden’s Song) – lead sheet