Go Fish

Go Fish - in Jamaica

Jesus told a tired fisherman to cast his nets into deep water. When the fisherman did what Jesus told him to do he and his fishing buddies caught more fish than their nets could even handle. One of the fisherman was so amazed he fell at Jesus’ feet and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man.”

Jesus said to this fisherman, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” Then this fisherman and his buddies left everything behind, their boats and nets, and followed Jesus. Walking daily with Jesus, learning to trust him more and more, these fisherman indeed learned to fish for men just like Jesus promised.

These devoted followers of Jesus lived the rest of their lives for the sole purpose of spreading the good news of what God had done through Jesus. These fishermen spent the rest of their lives fishing for men and women so more people would believe in Jesus and put their faith in him. All of these fishermen actually died for Jesus because of their assurance of the truth they found in Jesus: in his death, burial, and resurrection from the dead, and in his newly established eternal kingdom. They were eyewitnesses who never gave up on him.

Let’s follow Jesus like these great fisherman. Let’s join them on their mission so more people will put their trust in God. Let’s not give up. Let’s go fishing!

(This is another one of those songs I recorded late at night, and on my Gateway computer with the computer microphone and the Windows sound recorder. At some point I figured out how to layer using the sound recorder, so after I recorded the song I could go back and put extra vocals in. I did that at the very end of this song. I remember when I wrote this song I had a live performance in mind, with crowds of people singing the chorus together and screaming the extra chorus toward the end. That never came to realization, but I can still envision it: a ton of people singing at the top of their lungs about the mission of Jesus. Sounds pretty good to me! I performed this live at camp one year with a friend who could really jam on the guitar. We added an instrumental section where he just jammed out and followed that up with half of verse two again to close. It worked well. Maybe another recording of this will be produced someday…LIVE!)

Go Fish

Get out your (favorite) hat and your tackle
It’s time to spend some time with the Son
Why don’t we just relax in the cool breeze and have a little fun
Let’s go splash around in the water
Let’s wade in the clear blue tide
Let’s get up to our waist in the mission of Jesus Christ
It’s a big big world out there
It’s a great big ocean, oh
But there’s no better time than right now to throw out your line
And go fish

Na na na na na na na na. . . Go fish
Na na na na na na na na . . . Go fish
Na na na na na na na na . . . Go fish
Na na na na na na na na . . . Go fish

There are so many people hurting
So many people lost
There are so many countries just wasting away without Christ
Are you up for the challenge
Will you go out to the ocean with me
Won’t you cast out your heart to the hopeless
So they can be free, just like you and me
There’s no better love to be given
Than to lay down your life for a friend
Won’t you take up your cross and follow him
Out to the waters, and go fish

We gotta go, go, go
We gotta go, go, go
We gotta go, go fishin’ with Christ

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2004 Langdon

Go Fish – lead sheet