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There will be a day when the unseen will be seen clearly.
There will be a day when what we don’t know now will be made fully known.
There will be a day when we will see what lies beyond death.
There will be a day when all of our questions will be answered.

And I believe God has made a way and has given us an opportunity to live in his presence forever. When we humans were yet full of sin, Jesus died on the cross to take on our burden of sin and the pay our penalty. By God’s grace we have the opportunity to be made holy and dwell eternally with him in Heaven. And what will Heaven be like for sure? Well, I like to fantasize about that quite a bit.

I suggest when we look around we can find God’s presence all around us. Maybe this testimony can shed light on what Heaven will be like.

(This song was first presented on a homemade “EP” I made in 2002, in my home on my old Gateway computer. I called the album “77”, but I’m not telling you why, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own. After the kids would go to bed I would sit down and record using only my computer microphone and the sound recorder software that came with the computer. Hey, you use what you have! It cracks me up when I listen to these songs from 77 because sometimes you can hear random noises in the background, like the air-conditioner kicking on. I also chuckle when I think about how quiet I was trying to be so I didn’t wake up anyone who was sleeping. I only gave like five of these CD’s away. Take a listen, you’ll see why!)


When I see the people in the world I see him
All the little children out to play, I see
I can fantasize all day of what Heaven will be

When I hear the birds of the air, I hear him
Lonely dogs howling at the moon, I hear
I can fantasize all day of what Heaven will be

When I see the stars in the sky, I know there’s a Heaven
See the cotton clouds suspended high, I know
I can fantasize all day of what Heaven will be

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2002 Langdon

Fantasize – lead sheet

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