Sunrise on the morning drive

Sometimes in the morning I find myself driving east, straight into the incredibly bright sun. I admit, there are times when I get annoyed and frustrated that I can barely see anything because of the awful glare it produces on my windshield.

But other mornings, when I have a little more patience, and when the sun isn’t so bright and it looks like a big orange ball floating upward into the sky, on those mornings I try to stare into it as long as I can, until I’m forced to look away. On those mornings I am not frustrated or annoyed…I am usually amazed.

I look in wonder at the enormous mass that lights up our sky and think about how God, the same being that made me who I am, made this big orange mass and all of the other stars, and the planets, and everything we see in the universe. I also think about how the sun is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Every morning the sun rises, and every evening it sets. It’s a daily source of needed energy for sure, but it’s also a daily reminder of his loving kindness, that he is faithful to keep his promises because of his great love. No matter what season of life I am in, he is with me. No matter what darkness comes my way in life, he will see me through, and his sun will rise again.

He is faithful to me. And he is faithful to you. Trust his love and faithfulness.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
(Lamentations 3:22-23)

(This song is my reflection on his faithfulness, and a testimony of his faithfulness that exists everywhere around me and in me. I laid my iPhone down a couple of days ago and recorded this song. My desire to share this song with you outweighed my reluctance to record during allergy season.
If you have been questioning God’s love and faithfulness to you recently, this song may speak to you. It speaks to me when I’m struggling. I’ve pulled it out a few times over the last year to play through it as my prayer. Many times my own song lyrics remind me of the truths of God. They act as a journal for me to look back on when I need to hear my own voice. May this song bring you some peace today.)


You call the sun to rise and set
You clothe the wild flowers of the field
Sing with the birds in harmony
Sway with the willows in the breeze
Your faithfulness, I can see it everywhere
And I know you’ll always be there

You are faithful
Always faithful
Let the heavens and earth declare your praise
Through every season in time
In every moment you are mine
You are faithful
Always faithful

In times of heartache, in times of pain
Your Spirit always remains
You breathe your word into my heart
Softly you whisper my name
Your unfailing love secures my soul
And your love will never change

Holy, holy, holy Lord Almighty
You are Faithful and True
Holy, holy, holy Lord Almighty
I have faith in you

You are faithful
So faithful
You are faithful
Always faithful

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2013 Langdon

Faithful – lead sheet