Face To Face

Face to Face

Recently, with my friend Rich, I took a train from Los Angeles up the coast of California, through the hills of Oregon, all the way to Portland. The scenery was amazing! I’ll never forget watching the huge ocean pass by as we ate our delicious dinner in the dining car, or how dark green the thin tall pine trees were in Oregon.

I’ve always been amazed with the world around me. I love climbing a mountain and then look out over the valley for miles and miles. I love interacting with animals, especially the four special ones in our home. I love walking through a beautiful flower garden and smelling the wonderful aromas and looking for butterflies. I am constantly blown away by the healing quality of the human body. Truly, I am amazed with creation at every single turn.

Nevertheless, I would give all this world away in a heartbeat for a chance to see God face to face. I can’t wait to see him! Yes, I know it sounds scary because…well, he’s God. But, he’s our Father. He loves us and has proven his love many many times, certainly through the sacrifice of Jesus. I actually think he’s longing to see us too and can’t wait until we arrive.

(This is another song from 77 recorded on my Gateway computer using the computer mic. I hope one day to recored this one blown out with a band. It kind of has a Blues Traveler feel to it, at least I always thought so. Hope you love it! Oh, and the picture above was taken of me in Ocean City, New Jersey, a place I’ve enjoyed many times in my life.)

Face To Face

I’ve seen the sun rise in the East
I’ve seen the moon full of blue cheese
I’ve seen clouds that look like cotton
I’ve seen my baby boys appear

I’ve been in the bustle of New York at noon
I’ve felt the Rock Mountain high
I’ve been amazed at God’s creation
But I can’t wait to say goodbye

I hope to see my savior coming
I hope to meet him in the clouds
I want to see him up in Heaven
I want to see him face to face

I’ve felt the soppy mist of Niagara
I’ve been on top of Mt. Rushmore
I’ve danced among the wolves of Oklahoma
And walked along the Jersey Shore

Creation speaks of endless glory
Four our Lord who sits on high
I’m amazed at every single turn
But I can’t wait to say goodbye, because…

I’ve seen the hope of unbelievers
Fall in desperate need of grace
But I’ve seen the faith of true believers
Faith that works to do God’s will
They have a life of full fulfillment
Their life speaks of their reward, they say…

Words & Music by Lee Langdon
© 2002 Langdon

Face To Face – lead sheet