What? How Many Views?!

“She Makes My Heart Come Alive” has now had over 18.9K views on Facebook! I love that this song has been viewed by so many people and that often. And maybe even more impressive in my heart are the 120+ shares of people passing it on.

You know, as a songwriter you write what’s going on inside, and when others can be encouraged and uplifted by what you write, that thrills the soul. I mean, who doesn’t want to make a difference in the world, right?!

Thank you to those who have passed this song on! It means a great deal.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, please have a listen! Watch it below from my YouTube channel (scodanlee). BUT, after you watch it, if you like it and are willing to share it on your FB page, please go to my FB page and share the video found on there. (https://www.facebook.com/leelangdonmusic/) It’s pinned to the top of my posts!

“She Makes My Heart Come Alive” by Lee Langdon

Thanks for listening! Oh, and share it like crazy!!

A Songwriting Process: She Makes My Heart Come Alive – An Audio Documentary

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Have you ever wondered what actually happens for a songwriter to make a song come together? I have had a number of people inquire about my songwriting process, what I do to form a song. And I typically tell them that it seems like every song comes together in a different way.

Songs are crazy. Sometimes songs take fifteen minutes to get the bones together, and other times songs take weeks just to get a good idea to go anywhere. Sometimes a song idea starts with a cool chorus, and other times the verses come before the chorus. Sometimes songs spawn while taking a shower, and other times they come while driving down the road. I’ve have even woken in the middle of the night to quickly jot down or hum a melody I had just been dreaming about, before I would forget it.

Watch Lee’s official music video for “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”

Now, I don’t want to come off like I think I’m some expert. I most certainly am not! I’ve just been writing songs over twenty years and have learned a thing or two about how it works for me. There are many books written about songwriting, discussing things like writing quality lyrics, and chord structures, and song structures.

This audio documentary is just me working through the process I went through while writing the song, “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”. I thought I could help give you a glimpse in the private moments where I sing ideas into my phone, or add chords for the first time, and other stuff like that.

I hope you find this enjoyable! I would love to hear about your creative experiences and how you express yourself, either through song or some other avenue.


New Jersey Home – Music Video

Venture back into my childhood with me and remember the feeling of playing outside on the swing set, soaking up the sun at the New Jersey Shore, and relaxing at night under the moonlit sky with family and music-filled peace.

“New Jersey Home – Official Video” by Lee Langdon

This music video was made from a collection of 8mm family films of when I was very young, when our family lived in Country Lakes, New Jersey, not too many miles west on Route 70 from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. In this video you see our family home in Country Lakes, both sets of my grandparents and their homes in Pennsylvania (Philly area) and Maryland (Chesapeake Bay area), as well as a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our family later moved to Tabernacle, New Jersey, and I spent all of my school-age years living there and making memories. Life was good in New Jersey.

It’s funny, many of the songs I write are about real life that I’ve lived through. It’s wonderful for me to connect real life video footage to my lyrics, helping to paint the realistic picture of what life was and is truly like.

Listen to Lee’s love song about his wife!

I wonder what footage you could include if this song was written from your own childhood memories?! We all have them, for good or for bad. I wish we would all create videos like this one, like bookmarks in the chapters of our lives, to help us remember the good times that were full of love and laughter when we were kids.

I hope you enjoy the video. I would also love to hear from you! Please be sure to sign up to the right to stay up on the latest information regarding my music. New music is in the works! I’m getting really excited!!



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Single release: “She Makes My Heart Come Alive” by Lee Langdon

Release date: March 8, 2019

More info: Lee Langdon Music, LLC; leelangdon337@gmail.com; (630-234-0927); (SEE MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE)


Lee Langdon has released his debut single “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”.

Produced by Charlie Lowell (Jars of Clay) in his Nashville based Hollow/Hum studio, this inspiring single leads the way for Lee Langdon’s EP ‘A Love Story’ due to release on April 8, 2019 on iTunes, BandCamp, and Spotify.

The singer-songwriter’s personal lyrics in the single attest to a resilient devoted love shared with his spouse of twenty plus years. Accompanied by flowing melodies, eloquent vocals, and piano runs, Langdon hopes to inspire listeners to love with strong devotion for a lifetime. The single witnesses skills of well-known Nashville musicians: Charlie Lowell (accordion and organ), Stephen Mason (Jars of Clay, bass), Paul Eckburg (drums), and Matt Koziol (guitars).

Bandcamp: https://leelangdonmusic.bandcamp.com

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lee-langdon/397702646

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leelangdonmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leelangdon337/

Email: leelangdon337@gmail.com

Lee Langdon’s Debut EP

Hey, thanks for coming by!

On March 8th at 2:00am, my first single “She Makes My Heart Come Alive” from my debut album ‘A Love Story’ will release on YouTube (Official Music Video), iTunes (released single for download and you can pre-order album), and BandCamp (pre-order physical CD and immediately get released single download track). I’m so excited!

  • My Facebook page is @leelangdonmusic.
  • My Instagram is @leelangdon.

On December 1st I flew from Oklahoma City into Nashville and recorded my album in Gray Matters and Hollow Hum Studios. Charlie Lowell produced my album. Charlie is an original member of the band Jars of Clay, and is now also an excellent music producer and engineer. Matt Odmark (Jars of Clay) was our recording engineer; Stephen Mason  (Jars of Clay) on bass; Paul Eckburg  on drums; and Matt Koziol on guitars. These guys were so much fun to work with, and so professional. We worked hard and I believe we made some great music together. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

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Remember: This Friday, March 8th! Set your calendar to listen to my release “She Makes My Heart Come Alive” and watch the music video on YouTube!