A Songwriting Process: She Makes My Heart Come Alive – An Audio Documentary

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Have you ever wondered what actually happens for a songwriter to make a song come together? I have had a number of people inquire about my songwriting process, what I do to form a song. And I typically tell them that it seems like every song comes together in a different way.

Songs are crazy. Sometimes songs take fifteen minutes to get the bones together, and other times songs take weeks just to get a good idea to go anywhere. Sometimes a song idea starts with a cool chorus, and other times the verses come before the chorus. Sometimes songs spawn while taking a shower, and other times they come while driving down the road. I’ve have even woken in the middle of the night to quickly jot down or hum a melody I had just been dreaming about, before I would forget it.

Watch Lee’s official music video for “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”

Now, I don’t want to come off like I think I’m some expert. I most certainly am not! I’ve just been writing songs over twenty years and have learned a thing or two about how it works for me. There are many books written about songwriting, discussing things like writing quality lyrics, and chord structures, and song structures.

This audio documentary is just me working through the process I went through while writing the song, “She Makes My Heart Come Alive”. I thought I could help give you a glimpse in the private moments where I sing ideas into my phone, or add chords for the first time, and other stuff like that.

I hope you find this enjoyable! I would love to hear about your creative experiences and how you express yourself, either through song or some other avenue.